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You are here: Portal Home > Knowledgebase > Initial Steps 1-5 After Affiliation With PRONETLicensing > Tutorial: Index

Tutorial: Index

Steps 1-3 Tutorial Index

To be covered as an Affiliate under PRONETLicensing you need to complete three initial steps (and please complete them in this order).  This is the index to the Steps 1-3 Tutorials. If you would like to earn money with your station, or at least offset some of your cost of operation, you can use the RadioLoyalty Player for your player rather than using your own player page or our Quick Launch Page. For information on RadioLoyalty click here.

Step 1) Add your stream(s) to our monitoring system. THIS NEEDS TO BE DONE IMMEDIATELY.  Add your station(s) first and then your stream(s). (See Tutorial Index below). Step 1 must be completed before you can proceed to Step 2.(If you are already using RadioLoyalty for your player, please stop and contact Support for further instructions.Step 1 is completed differently for those using RadioLoyalty Players.)

Step 2) Bring your website into copyright and BMI parameter compliance. This needs to be done within seven days. The quickest and perhaps best way is to add our Copyright Compliant Universal Player Button to your website. Click here for a Radio Button Demonstration and Installation Tutorial. This player plays in all Browsers as well as most iPhones and iPads. 

If you prefer to build your own player page for us to host for copyright compliance please adhere to the parameters listed in our Website Compliance Tutorials found here.

Step 3) Add your PRONETLicensing Validating Seal to your website.




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