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You are here: Portal Home > Knowledgebase > Website Compliance > A - Website Compliance Tutorial Index

A - Website Compliance Tutorial Index



Steps 2 & 3 Tutorial Index

Bringing your website into Copyright Compliance. This is the index to the Steps 2 & 3 Tutorials.

To review: to be covered as an Affiliate under PRONETLicensing you need to complete three initial steps (and please complete them in this order).

Step 1) Add your stream(s) to our monitoring system. THIS MUST BE DONE BEFORE YOU CAN PROCEED WITH STEPS 2 & 3.  Here is the Tutorial Index for Step 1.

Step 2) Bring your website into copyright and BMI parameter compliance. This needs to be done As Soon As Possible.

Step 3) Add your StreamLicensing Validation Seal to your websiteClick Here for the Tutorial for adding your PRONETLicensing Validating Banner

PRONETLicensing is a registered trademark belonging to PRONETLicensing. Should your affiliation with PRONETLicensing ever be terminated by you or by us, you must immediately remove all seals, icons, graphics or text that implies affiliation with PRONETLicensing.Com.


The basics of Website Compliance

United States Copyright Law requires that your music players and any external player launch links (like Winamp, or Windows Media Player, etc.) only be displayed from the copyighted domain. As a PRONETLicensing Affiliate, your copyrighted domain is here at PRONETLicensing.Com. The purpose of these tutorials is to help you properly set your player page up under the PRONETLicensing.Com domain.

If you want to build your own custom page you need to adhere to the following parameters:

  1. The player page that opens must open in your custom folder under the StreamLicensing.Com domain.
  2. The page that opens must be a full-size page, not a popup.
  3. Your website domain must close when the player page opens.
  4. The player embedded on the player page must not autostart.
  5. For more information see this Flash Tutorial and Approaches 3 and 4 below.

We show four different approaches to bringing your website into compliance:

1) The easiest and perhaps the best approach is to use our Radio Player Button. This is extremely easy to implement and puts a player up that works on all browsers and most iPhones and iPads. Click here for the Demo Page and Tutorial. (Skill level=low.)

2) Linking to your StreamLicensing Default Quick Launch Page. This is relatively simple to accomplish. This approach does not preserve your website branding. Default Quick Launch Webpage Tutorial.  (Skill level=low.)

3) Iframing a player page that you host on your site. The iframe "reflects" your page but under your PRONETLicensing domain. This approach preserves your website branding while maintaining copyright compliance and is relatively easy to do. Click Here for Tutorial. (Skill Level=Medium.)

4) Actually uploading HTML code to your Custom Content Folder here at PRONETLicensing.Com. This approach also preserves your website branding but requires more website building expertise. Use this method only if you have HTML experience. Click Here for Tutorial. (Skill level=high.)

Additionally, you will find instructions for embedding players in your player page and for building a popup player.




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