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You are here: Portal Home > Knowledgebase > Initial Steps 1-5 After Affiliation With PRONETLicensing > Tutorial Step 1e - Adding Your Radionomy Stream

Tutorial Step 1e - Adding Your Radionomy Stream

Adding Your Radionomy Icecast Stream

Step 1b - After you add your station into your PRONETLicensing monitoring panel you will next add your Stream. We will license up to a total of eight stations with no more than eight streams per license. Here is your text tutorial for adding your Radionomy stream. Click here to watch this as a Flash Tutorial (This Flash Tutorial covers basic Icecast stream addition but does not have the specific info needed for Radionomy. See below for the specifc entries you must make for your Radionomy stream.) 

Please note: Our Radio Button player won't work with Radionomy. You will need to provide your own player and player page for us to host for you to meet copyright law. Here is Radionomy's player code generator page link:  For example for BigStar97 the page link is: Once you build your player page the way you want on your website, contact PRONETLicensing Customer Service for help in iframing your player page up to our domain.

Now let's get started with entering your stream into your PRONETLicensing monitor panel. 

  • This assumes you have already added your station. If you have not already added  your station stop now and add it first. You cannot proceed to adding streams until you have added  your station. Click here for Add Station Tutorial.
  • Log into your PRONETLicensing Control panel. You can always find your login window by going to and clicking on the Broadcaster’s Area.
  • Once logged in you should see Quick Links on the right. If you don’t see Quick Links look up to the top and click on Client Area. Now under Quick Links choose My Streams.
  • Click on the + to the right of Add New Stream.


  • Scroll down to see a completed example but note this example is generic Icecast and does not include the specific Radionomy information required. You MUST use the precise settings below. Once your Stream is added you must validate it. Click here for the Validation Tutorial.
  • Stream Name is any name you choose to identify the stream.
  • URL:
  • Choose the correct drop down answers for Station, Server Type (Icecast-KH), Stream Type, and Bitrate.
  • Username: StreamLicensing
  • Password: hkJ3KsawDG48z
  • Port: 80
  • Stats URL Suffix: /
  • Mountpoint: Insert the mountpoint Radionomy gives you.
  • Uncheck Directory because Radionomy streams won't list in our Station directory or play on our Player.
  • Click on Create Stream.
  • Once your stream or streams are entered and validated you have completed Step 1 of the Initial Steps and your PRONETLicensing coverage is valid.


icecast edit window example


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