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Vibe and SAM

Can Vibe users obtain coverage at PRONETLicensing?

Yes, but not with the supplied stream server package. The internal streaming server that is included with Vibe is proprietary and doesn't kick off the information in the form needed by PRONETLicensing for license report data collection. So Vibe users can obtain StreamLicensing coverage but only if they do NOT use the included stream, the one that comes with Vibe. To obtain StreamLicensing coverage a Vibe user must use the Vibe version that allows the broadcaster to send the signal to Shoutcast or Icecast-KH.

What about SAM. I understand it uses Vibe as well? Paul Merrell, who for years provided tech support for SAM wrote the following:

1.  Stations can continue to purchase and use SAM Broadcaster PRO as normal.  The encoders work the same and these are for registered users only.

If i want to add DJs  to my station, i need to purchase the SAM Vibe silver package.

The system (using SAM and Vibe together) allows 2 things.

A  stations that want to play music and stream to Shoutcast and Icecast-KH  with the Vibe/auto DJ can now have the functionality in the station.

B.  I can now provide a special version of SAM Broadcaster for my DJs that broadcasts directly to the SAM Vibe system. SAM Vibe takes the signal being sent from my presenter or auto Dj and sends audio plus titles to my servers. DJs can't run off and start their own stations and the DJ is limited to streaming to the internet station that set them up.

At the time I wrote this article the cost of the solution is as follows:

SAM Vibe Silver $25.00 includes 5 DJ seats.

Additional bundles of 5 seats are $5.00 per month.

The silver package will allow for streaming of the broadband and dialup stream (allows streaming to Shoutcast or Icecast-KH)

My DJ sends one signal and the server setup does all the hard work of sending to the hosting provider.

DJs can be removed and the change is instant  The removed DJ can no longer broadcast on the station.

 Summary:  all PRONETLicensing customers that want to use SAM with DJs must have the SAM Vibe silver package and purchase any additional DJ seat bundles.

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