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You are here: Portal Home > Knowledgebase > Resources > Affiliate Referral Program - Earn Dollars Referring New Broadcasters to PRONETLicensing!

Affiliate Referral Program - Earn Dollars Referring New Broadcasters to PRONETLicensing!

This Referral Program is in place for a limited time only. Please note the following terms and conditions:

  1. To obtain your new affiliate referral link just log into your PRONETLicensing account here, make sure you are in the client area, look to right under quick links and choose Affiliates.
  2. Only referrals coming in on your referral link will be credited to your account. Please do not ask me to manually transfer clients to your affiliate payout account. For this to work it must work automatically.
  3. The referral commission rate is 9% of payments received.
  4. The maximum monthly payout commission per client caps at $25. This means if the payment due you (from a specific client you refer at your percentage rate) exceeds $25 I will manually reduce the commission to $25.00
  5. No signup bonus will be given. The percentage of the sale each time is what you will receive each time a payment comes in. No differential will be given for the initial payment.
  6. No promotional discount code for new clients is being given at this time. I reserve the right to provide promotional discount codes or not to provide them at any time.
  7. The commissions can be withdrawn after five days.
  8. Withdrawal balance must exceed $25.00 before withdrawal can be completed. Anytime your withdrawal balance exceeds $25.00 you can request payment by using the Request Withdrawal button.
  9. Withdrawal payments are made via PayPal. However, if balance is owed, withdrawal amount, at PRONETLicensing's discretion, may be credited instead against the balance owed PRONETLicensing.
  10. If your account is closed at StreamLicensing for any reason, your request or ours, future payouts cease.
  11. Terms and procedures are subject to change at any time.
  12. StreamLicensing reserves the right to cancel the program for new Referrals at any point.

Now. . . . Let's go out and make some money!


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