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Your Mobil App (IOS and Android)

Your IOS and Android Mobile Apps are:
  • Locked to your station only. To obtain the App locked to your station your listener must download via your unique download link. If the listener downloads the app directly from the App store, without using your unique link, the App will be open to all PRONETLicensing stations.
  • As long as your account is open the App stays locked to your station.
  • Both IOS and Android apps are available and locked to your station.
  • If your account closes either by your choice or by ours (for non-payment for example, or for violation of T.O.S. or etc.) the App at that point opens to the full PRONETLicensing network of stations.
  • Please understand that this App has to thread the parameters required by the PRO's. Some options all of us would like just can't be implemented on an all-in-one that locks to only one station App. To license an independent app for each Affiliate would cost each affiliate more than $300 each year in BMI fees alone.
To put the download link on your website follow the following steps:
  • Log into your PRONETLicensing account
  • Click on Client Area
  • Look To right under Quick Links and click on My Streams
  • Click on the edit icon for your STATION. This is the pencil/pad icon shown for your STATION, NOT FOR YOUR STREAM.
  • Scroll down until you see the Mobile App Link Code Snippet.
  • Copy the Code Snippet and paste as HTML code anywhere on your website that you want to put your App download link.
  • Please note: The Code Snippet as given is designed for direct TEXT LINK installation on your website.
  • If you want to share or use the direct download link you MUST EXTRACT THE CORRECT LINK FROM THE CODE SNIPPET. THIS IS ALSO TRUE IF YOU WANT TO LINK FROM A BANNER OR BUTTON. EXTRACT THE LINK AS SHOWN IN THIS EXAMPLE: Here is the HTML link for my station: <a href="">Download Mobile App</a>  Installing this HTML link will give a text link on my website for direct download of my locked APP. However, if I want to install my own button or banner and link that to the download URL, or if I want to share the direct download link with others I must extract the following URL from the code snippet:
  • In the example above is the address to put in your IOS or Android browser to diretly download the locked App.
  • This locked app will only display one station. It cannot be locked to two or more stations. To use it on more than one station the listener must download the unlocked version directly from the App store and then set the desired stations as Favorites.
  • Please note: For your App to work the following must be in place:
    Your App will take up to one hour to be available on initial validation of your stream and any edit changes will take up to one hour to become active in the App.
    • You MUST have "In Directory" checked in your Station Edit Window
    • You must also have "In Directory" checked in your Stream Edit Window
    • You must have "In App" checked in your Stream Edit Window
This App uses our playing now widget for it's album art cover display.
What about hi and lo bit rate streams? You need to know two things:
  • This App automatically chooses your Higher rate stream(s) for wifi.
  • This App automatically chooses your lower bit rate stream(s) for mobile networks.
  • You can log into your account, go to your My Streams page and click on the edit Icon for your STREAM (the pencil/pad icon). Make sure you are opening your STREAM edit window. Scroll down and you will see a box where you can choose if you want this stream in your APP. If you want to force all high bit rate streams, only check streams with hi-bit rate and so forth. We personally chose the 32K AAC+ stream AND my 128K mp3 stream. That let's the App automatically choose 128K for wifi and 32K for mobile. I've locked out all my other streams. I have much better success on mobile listening in rural, fringe areas with the 32K stream for mobile
Now a word about which stations will appear in the app and which won't.
  • Stations which use only Radionomy, RadioLoyalty, or Radiojar stream servers won't be in the app because we only receive license data on an aggregating channel from these. We have no direct link to the player URL available at this time.
  • Stations using MyRadioStream's free stream server will not appear because we don't have access to their streams either. Their streams are not available outside of their player page because they need the advertising income on that page to pay for your use of their server.
  • Stations which have Explicit checked WILL appear in their unique locked App (the one downloaded from their unique link) but will NOT appear in the unlocked App. This is because, like our Station Directory, this App is family friendly. For listeners to hear you on your app, they must download using your download link.
  • If for any reason your station is off the air you won't be in the locked or unlocked App.
  • If your account is closed your App will unlock and you won't be in the unlocked App.
  • Finally, if your station is not appearing, or if you have other issues or questions, please start a support ticket.  
For those who are asking: No, at this point we have no way to make the App icon on your smartphone reflect your station logo rather than the PRONETLicensing Logo. As we move forward I will work with the developer to do what we can, but technical and legal limitations abound.  Producing a legal, all-in-one, lock-capable App, at no additional charge, requires some unavoidable compromises. You can make your station branding prominent inside the app by assigning your logo to show for all station ID's, promos, etc. For information on managing your artwork and logo see this Tutorial.


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